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Contact PARÉ 


If you wish to obtain further information about the PARÉ programmes and application procedure, contact INSIL, mother institution of the school (see also > structure)


Email: info@insil.fr 


Phone: 03 24 52 67 98 (int'l +33 3 24 52 67 98)


Visits, meetings, and enrolments take place exclusively by appointment, in France, or in Belgium (Ardenne campus of the Belgian school)


Since 2021-2022 is PARÉ's inaugural year, and considering the evolution of the covid situation, flexibility applies in terms of timetables and locations of the courses and ateliers (i.e. French dept. 08, 51, 75, 77, 92, and Belgium), in particular for the PARÉ companionship workshops (aka "Compas" proper to the school). 


Administration, postal mail (including for OGISPES legal seat address):


INSIL Institut Supérieur International de Leadership
Administration office 
33 rue Dubois Crancé
08000 Charleville-Mézières, France


Administrative mail, Paris (and Paris branch of OGISPES) :


OGISPES, antenne à Paris

Ecole des Malletiers Jean Paré

229 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris, France



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ÉCOLE PARÉ is an entity within INSIL, a private institution of higher education in France

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