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Contact the Jean PARÉ school


If you wish to obtain further information about the PARÉ programmes and application procedure, contact INSIL, mother institution of the school (see also > structure)


Email: info@insil.fr 

Phone: 03 24 52 67 98 (int'l +33 3 24 52 67 98)


Visits and meetings exclusively by appointment, in France (several sites/cities re. ITINERA ateliers), or in Belgium (Ardennes campus of the Belgian school)



General coordinates (institutional)


Administration office (and OGISPES legal seat):


INSIL International higher institute for leadership
Administration office 
33 rue Dubois Crancé
08000 Charleville-Mézières, France


Administrative mail, Paris branch


OGISPES, antenne à Paris

Ecole des Malletiers Jean Paré

229 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris, France



Ancillary coordinates (related to PARÉ MALLETIER bespoke)


PARÉ, The Brand

>> venues by appointment only: contact@malletier.paris



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ÉCOLE PARÉ is an entity within INSIL, a private institution of higher education in France

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