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Academic structure of the school 


The PARÉ school is an entity operating within INSIL, International higher institute for leadership, a French private institution of higher education (UIA 008114W) of which the seat is located in Charleville-Mézières. Active since 2010 INSIL was initially specialised in higher education distance learning, on an international scale. In 2017, when the "Paré Project, Paris and Laval" started, the board of directors of OGISPES (the management body of INSIL) decided to entrust the institute with an incubator role for the new school. In 2021 INSIL became the mother institution of PARÉ. The Nicolas Gilbert school, of which the campus is established in Belgium, is managed by the Belgian branch of OGISPES, and is a direct affiliate of its French counterpart. 


PARÉ, and Gilbert & Paré : use of the names


The name of the French institution is Ecole Paré. PARÉ for short, as well as the logotype. In Belgium the name is Ecole des malletiers Nicolas Gilbert, or Ecole des Malletiers in short (abbr.  EDM). On a worldwide scale, in particular for the international certification of malletier-artisans, the full bi-national name applies, namely Ecole des Malletiers Nicolas Gilbert de Belgique et Jean Paré de France. 


Certificates and diplomas


The diplomas (EQF/RQF level 6) of the PARÉ school, under the INSIL aegis, are awarded by the school in its own right. Those are not titles or degrees awarded by the State. That factor in no way constitutes an impediment to the quality and level of the skills acquired by our graduates. The criteria that lead to success in our programmes are stringent, and so is the validation of ECTS and APL course credits. Besides that a complementarity has been identified between the French national framework for professional certification (RNCP), and the competencies' scope of the PARÉ course programmes. While the OGISPES management body has initiated the procedure for the RNCP certification of the PARÉ diploma programmes, the evaluation of international forms of validation also follows its course. 


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ÉCOLE PARÉ is an entity within INSIL, a private institution of higher education in France

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