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Course programmes                


The range of PARÉ programmes is composed of two main study paths: the design and manufacture of new trunks, or, the conservation and restoration of antique trunks. There are two other specialist tracks, offered by the GILBERT associate school in Belgium, as well as a type of international certification for professionals who are already established in the trunk-making malletier field. 


Information requests


For further information about the courses, admission procedure, tuition fees, and about the available places and scholarships > contact 


New since 2022-2023


 >>Courses and workshops are offered in full immersion mode of 3 to 5 consecutive days, every 3 to 6 weeks depending on the personal situation, during weekdays and/or extended week-ends. << 


>> Personalized programs can start at several moments during the year, not necessarily in September only.  << 


 >> Since 2022-2023 the school offers to new students a grant of € 10,000 per student, covering almost two thirds of the total tuition fees. Up to 4 students can benefit from this exceptional financial aid. Contact us for details, eligibility, conditions, and application deadlines << 





Launched in 2018(1), European Year of Cultural Heritage, this path constituted a world première in the field of malletier higher education, consisting of the design and manufacture of new trunks, i.e. high luxury and prestige trunks and cases made by hand, while blending the traditional artisans' techniques with styles and trends that are contemporary, evolving, if not revolutionary (PARÉ's "HERITAGE x [R]EVOLUTION" concept). This path, of min 1.500 hours, leads towards earning the Diplome de Malletier (DM), Design and Manufacture, proper to the school. The entire path validates 90 ECTS (French level 6, RQF level 7), and is similar to a professional master's diploma curriculum. The masterwork is a unique, exceptional, statement trunk that is designed, handmade, and presented by the graduate for evaluation to a panel of experts.  


Duration of the DM Design (1.500 hours): 30 months on average (24 to 40 months, depending on the person); always in part-time mode, classroom based (campus and ITINERA), and individualised. The path is not offered in full-time classroom mode, nor through distance learning. Flexibility is offered in terms of timetables and locations of the courses and ateliers, as well as for the PARÉ companionship workshops around France (called ITINERA, concept proper to the school). 




A very comprehensive programme, leading to a PARÉ diploma, covering the specific field of Conservation and Restoration of antique travelling trunks, and related leather goods and travel equipment.   


This path is presented in three phases that lead towards earning a Certificate in Fundamental Techniques (CFT, min 100 hours coursework/ateliers), thereafter to a Certificate of Continued Studies (min. 250 hours), and finally to the school's proper Diplôme de Malletier (DM, min. 1.500 hours), in Conservation and Restoration of trunks (validating 90 ECTS, French level 6, RQF level 7, similar to a professional master's diploma). The capstone is in this instance a masterpiece in conservation-restoration of an antique trunk; a process drawn up and completed by the learner, and evaluated by a panel of experts. 


Duration of the DM Conservation (full 1.500 hours): 30 months on average (24 to 40 months, depending on the person), always in part-time mode, classroom based (campus and ITINERA extension courses), and individualised. 


Other paths (P3 à P5)


Three other paths, the P3 (special programme in the conservation of antique leather objects), P4 (special cooperative and outsourced workshops), and P5 (international professional certification) are organised by the GILBERT school of Belgium, under the coordination of PARÉ. The general information is found on the GILBERT site >


(1) by the  Nicolas Gilbert school of Belgium 

(1) ITINERA = companionship ateliers proper to the PARÉ school; one-off workshops, off-campus, held in France

(3) see also INMA malletier and restaurateur


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