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On requesting admission: information about the prerequisites  


In light of the learning objectives, the level of the PARÉ programmes (French niveau 6, BAC +4/5 - UK equiv. RQF level 7), and the teaching methods in the study tracks, the persons who wish to make an admission request have to take the following requirements into account: 


1. Applicant's level of prior studies: UK level 6 (BA or Bsc Hons degree, or French BAC+3 level 5). In certain cases a level 5 (HND,...) will be accepted, if a professional experience equivalent to a certain number of course units can be demonstrated e.g. APEL (French VAE), in part. (more extensive APEL > see bottom of page)


2. To have an entrepreneurial project plan, with the intent of getting established as a trunk-maker, as a principal professional activity or side-job. The project must take shape and be started during the studies at the school.  


3. To (soon) have one's own workshop space (at home or elsewhere) in order to, on the one hand, undertake individual practice required in the frame of the training, and on the other hand pave the way for the entrepreneurial endeavour.


4. Be ready to attend the workshop courses in an "alternating immersion" mode that comprises units of 2 to 4 consecutive days (week-end option possible), every 3 to 6 weeks, during 18 to 26 months (depending on the individual study pace). Please note: the courses are not offered in tyhe usual daytime mode, nor in evenings, nor traineeship type of contracts.   


Please contact the school's director for any further clarification or question. 





Note re. APEL (French VAE): : a more elaborate procedure is available for craftsmen and -women who have at least 10 years of professional experience covering the different facets of the design and manufacture of trunks, or of the restoration-conservation of antique trunks.


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