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PARÉ, the malletier school, and prestige brand, is a discrete yet remarkable presence in the world of art and craft education in France, and around the globe. Trunk-maker, a dream of an art profession, and it makes other people dream too. At PARÉ it is expressed by a know-how that comprises four tenets: Imagination, Dexterity, Continuity, and Respect. A successful education is the result of a mutual will, and of a great ambition, shared by the school and the student aspiring to be an Extra-ordinary craftsperson.  



The "HERITAGE x [R]ÉVOLUTION" formula is the PARÉ motto symbolising Tradition and artistic Transversality at the same time. Our courses and ateliers are steeped in that concept, while the educational approach, the inventiveness, and the dynamism reflects the spirit of those who are part of the small PARÉ family. Small, since there are no more than 8 students in our largely individualized course programmes. That tailor-making mirrors the personalised work for clients, achieved by our malletier graduates who brilliantly preserve or restore antique travelling trunks, or create and produce new trunks that are unique, spellbinding, durable, and prestigious.


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ÉCOLE PARÉ is an entity within INSIL, a private institution of higher education in France


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